THE BOARD members are CEOs, presidents, managing partners and controlling equity owners of privately held companies. Targeted companies have a minimum three years history and range in size from 20 to 500 employees and annual sales revenues of less than $100 million.

Each BOARD is comprised of up to 12-14 carefully selected business owners from noncompeting, privately held companies. Typically one third of a BOARD's members are managing partners from service provider firms (Public Accounting, Law, Engineering, Finance, Marketing and Management Consulting firms) and the remaining two-thirds come from other industry sectors (such as Manufacturing, Wholesale distribution, Retail, Construction, and Transportation, etc.). Such diversity is critical to the success of THE BOARD. BOARD members also bring unique skills in operations, finance, sales and other disciplines. Members recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and look to one another for complementary expertise.

THE BOARD offers an orientation for prospective members to discuss the mutual benefits of participation for the prospect and existing BOARD members. An initial meeting is set between a member candidate and the chairperson. This meeting explores the candidate's expectations from participation, their potential contribution to other members and issues of noncompetitiveness and confidentiality with THE BOARD.

Upon conclusion of this meeting, if the prospective member and the chairperson agree on the mutual benefit, an invitation is extended to enroll in THE BOARD for a two-month trial membership. At the conclusion of that period, if the relationship is beneficial, an initial twelve month membership commitment and fee will be completed by the new member.

Prospective qualified members are eligible for a trial membership to orient themselves to the workings of THE BOARD. The process begins with a one-on-one interview with THE BOARD Chairperson at the candidate member's place of business. A signed nondisclosure agreement allows the prospective member to attend two BOARD meetings, after which the prospect is given the opportunity to commit to a full membership.

A one-time enrollment fee of $600 is charged to a candidate. Annual membership fees are paid in full at the beginning of the calendar year or by monthly or quarterly installments.

Call us at (410) 974-9265 or email us at today for an initial consultation and complete membership package. Hear how members have benefited since joining THE BOARD - Click Here to view and hear a BOARD in action.

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