What members from a typical BOARD say:

"I've gotten a lot of feedback from THE BOARD; I'm not out there by myself. Since joining I changed some accounting practices, some legal practices, resolved some stockholder problems and straightened out our collection problems."
John Fitzgerald, President
Fitzgerald Electric Co., Inc.

Electrical Contractor

"When you're at the top of your organization, it is often critical to share some ideas and concepts with a peer group that doesn't have a political or financial interest in the decisions you make."
Ted Offit, Founder, Partner
Offit & Kurman, P.A.

Law Firm

"I'm no longer the Lone Ranger; my BOARD members provide me the most independent, objective and confidential advise available. We demand accountability from each other."
Mike Goodrich, President
The Goodrich Organization

Insurance & Financial Consulting Firm

"THE BOARD forces me to develop a clearer understanding of my two companies....The forum by its nature is broad-based, knowledgeable and competent...."
Len Frenkil, President
Atlantic Management Corp. &
Empire Construction

Real Estate and Heavy Construction

"It's good to vocalize your ideas because when you hear them they're sometimes not as good as you think they are....My fellow BOARD members have helped me run my company better. I found THE BOARD to be very constructive. I look forward to the meetings."
Bob Klein, President
Lenmar, Inc.

Industrial Coatings Manufacturer

"THE BOARD has exceeded my expectations. I needed outside advice, but couldn't afford an outside board, or even one outside director. As members have gotten to know me and my company, they have often told me things I didn't want to hear. This advice has helped me to see more options and to move more quickly than I would have done on my own."
Don Wilson, President
MWI Training Services, Inc.

Computer Training

"THE BOARD discussions give me an independent view of things; it helps me understand what business owners think about the accounting profession. Our firm, I believe, is now more receptive and more responsive to our client needs. I have picked up several new clients on recommendations of my fellow BOARD members."
Ed Tucker, Founder, Partner
Ellin & Tucker Chartered

Certified Public Accountants

"I find it very helpful to have a variety of opinions from my BOARD members to help me run my business better."
Aron Perlman, President
VacPac Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Flexible Packing Manufacturer

"I no longer stay awake at night worrying about things, unable to come up with a definitive answer....I get objective feedback from members faced with similar situations....THE BOARD has been very valuable, helping me make decisions that are pertinent to my company and affect its future."
Roy Richwein, President
ARK Systems, Inc.

Engineering Contractor/System Services

"I've found a tremendous amount of psychological and personal support from my BOARD members. Knowing that anything we discuss stays inside this room, I get direct opinions and the most honest assessment of my situation with no bias."
Dr. Gary Marquart, President
Fein-Marquart Associates, Inc.

Custom Software Developer

"Just one suggestion from BOARD members in my group saved me $ 50,000 that year and in future years, too."
Doug Hamilton, Chairman CEO
Hamilton & Associates,Inc.

A Diverse Manufacturer of Commercial and
Industrial Equipment and Components.
45 employees and 50 years in operation.

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