What is THE BOARD?

THE BOARD hosts a monthly assembly of Business Owner CEOs. Their objective---furthering each other’s mission and goals with transactional discussions. These discussions encompass immediate objectives as well as the blind spots that may not yet have registered on the radar screen. All interactions are designed to jump start results and returns while saving time and money...


Trial Membership Offer

Trial membership includes:

  • Consultation with the Founder-Mr. John Foote
  • Participation in two BOARD meetings-before deciding to join
  • Trial Membership Fee waived..
  • A signed non-disclosure agreement by the trial member


From The Founder

The Founder


Since founding THE BOARD in 1988, I have discovered that the typical business-owner CEO of most closely held companies faces several challenges. Most often, I hear questions:

  • To whom do I turn to when I need an honest and practical answer to a specific issue?
  • How can I increase my own level of performance- in terms of accountability, greater productivity and corporate profitability, or addressing the nagging long-term problems that never go away?
  • How do I gain the feeling that the company is being optimally managed with increasing returns?



"THE BOARD provided me with direct access to a couple of hundred years of wisdom, experience, advice and counsel from very successful and diverse business owner CEOs. These business leaders provide me with very valuable and candid feedback that has helped my business, my employees, my family and my personal life. Since joining THE BOARD (in just 2 years):

  • My business has grown exponentially from approximately $12M to well over $20M;
  • My senior executives are producing better results and we function better as a team;
  • My employees have come to love our company and recognize how much fun it is to work for;
  • I have a much better balance between my business and personal life;
  • I am growing and developing in ways I never thought possible;
  • I have developed a peer group of close business friends in THE BOARD that I have helped and who have helped me.

My one recommendation for someone who owns a business, it would be to try,try,try to get on THE BOARD."

Robert Grey, President & CEO
ItelliDyne, LLC and affiliates - A group of service-based companies providing a broad range of information technology services & solutions to military, government and commercial clients in the DC , Denver, San Antonio & San Diego metro Areas.
Headcount: 135 f/t employees Annual Revenue: $18million (2004)

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The Benefits

Members realize quantifiable results. Member CEO’s confidences grow; solidifying their course of action has the approval of a savvy BOARD of fellow CEOs. They benefit from their participation in THE BOARD from:

  • Improved bottom line performance
  • More accomplished in less time with fewer costly mistakes
  • Negotiating win/win solutions pertaining to partnership and family conflicts
  • Resolving long standing problems
  • Becoming better prepared for growth, restructuring, disaster, contingency and exit plans
  • Turning business around
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