Each BOARD meets monthly for three (3) hours on the premises of the featured member company or at a neutral meeting facility (The Tower Club in Tyson's Corner, VA, or Country Club of Maryland in Towson, MD or The Center Club in downtown, Baltimore).

Monthly BOARD meetings are divided into three (3) segments:

1. Check in: For the first hour, all members participate in a business roundtable discussion of each other's outstanding business issues and successes.
2. Member Presentation: During the second hour an appointed member presents the company's prior year performance (including financials) and next year's revenue and profit goals, action plans designed to overcome perceived obstacles.
3. Member Feedback: For the remainder of the meeting, members provide feedback and closure on the many issues facing the presenting CEO; recommended action is offered. The CEO determines what options are applicable to the company's culture.

Discussions are open and frank, and the proposed suggestions are drawn from participating members' own experience and expertise. Between meetings, members may meet individually to clarify or elaborate on the recommendations proposed during the regular meeting.

THE BOARD employs a process of creative problem solving, using the collective and diverse experiences of the members. While THE BOARD meeting format is structured, it is not overly rigid, allowing for the potent and often pointed give and take between its members.

A key factor to THE BOARD's success is the complete freedom its members have to critique each other's business strategies and actions in an atmosphere of mutual confidence and trust. For this reason no competitors or vendor-related firms are allowed on the same BOARD and solicitation of members is prohibited. Most importantly, what is discussed by THE BOARD remains in the BOARD room. Your confidence and trust are protected; in fact, members are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

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