What is THE BOARD?

THE BOARD hosts a monthly assembly of Business Owner CEOs. Their objective---furthering each other’s mission and goals with transactional discussions. These discussions encompass immediate objectives as well as the blind spots that may not yet have registered on the radar screen. All interactions are designed to jump start results and returns while saving time and money.

A board of directors often comes with ties to fiscal biases, political issues, or the challenges of blood relationships that individually or together may hamstring or circumvent the mission or organization’s objectives. CEOs will find the “straight talk” of THE BOARD revealing and on the money. Read more<

The multi-sector membership results in a dynamic monthly interchange of issues within a structured agenda. THE BOARD advances the goals of progress oriented leaders providing them with the unique ability to interact head to head with peers whose decisions are not vested in their peer’s business or market.

With nearly twenty years of board room transactions, THE BOARD,INC. begins 2006 in the Baltimore-Washington,DC metro area with 82 BOARD members in six CEO groups & a Future CEO group and continues to grow. During the scheduled 3 hour, monthly meetings, members confidentially delve into their own and each other’s challenges of operations, markets and products or services development.

As a Business Owner CEO, consider the value of the unbiased multidisciplinary input of experience and observations into your own organization’s planning, decision-making, its growth and future---and then call us to see if you qualify.

Every organization shares three focuses of effort: the development and promotion of its product(s) or service(s); the back end business operations, and their delivery and distribution to the marketplace. This shared principle is the basis for THE BOARD offering CEOs a tried and true process to augment internal planning and decision-making.

After an initial consultation with the Founder of THE BOARD, we are so positive about the benefits you and your company will experience that we invite you to participate in two monthly sessions. A value of $600, that should demonstrate the value THE BOARD will provide to your organization.

If you would like to see a video introduction by THE BOARD founder, Mr. John Foote, or see an account by a BOARD member, Click Here

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